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Морские перевозки ИнтелТрансКом

Considering  that 70 % of the Earth’s surface is covered by sea and oceanic waters, then it is not difficult to imagine the role played by the marine transport operationsin the life of the world population.

Whereon the rail and motor transport lose their power in front of the water element, marine transport and INTELTRANSKOM-DV very confidently take over from.

Maritime transportation routes connect the different countries and even the entire continents.

Container shipping

In our company, INTELTRANSKOM-DV, the container shipping is perfectly developed both in import / export routing and in short sea shipping traffic. We have easily mastered the rather wide geography of the ports of the East Asia.

Our company INTELTRANSKOM-DV is ready to offer you the following:

  •      providing the container to the warehouse of the consignor;
  •      the coordination of the prompt shipping by the first available ship and vice versa, as required, the cargo storing at the port of departure;
  •      making the delivery to the port of destination in as short a time as possible;
  •      execution of the “House”  bill of lading, that allows you  to make  payment for the goods at the final destination;
  •      fixing of the terminal cargo handling in the ports of the Russian Federation in the rubles, that will allow you to avoid the risk of dollar exchange rate fluctuations and to predict the costs of the goods from logistics;
  •      the reduction of storage costs at ports of destination during long customs clearance of cargo.

Bulk cargo, special vehicles

The experience in executing the large state orders, and also the experience in transportation the bulk and liquid cargo allow us to offer services in organizing the transportation of such goods as grain, vegetable oil, acids, gas, various types of building machineries, trucks, buses, cranes, parts of equipment.

The main advantages of maritime transport


The huge carrying capacity of the rolling stock and outloading capacity of the port -  you do not have to pay many times.

The low cost of transportation of goods (this type of transportation is second only to the pipeline transportation) – the budget saving.

The possibility of organization and implementation of mass intercontinental and international transportation.

The legislation regulating marine transport operations is well developed, that means that the client is protected from violations of the rights.  The probability of loss, damage, pilferage of goods is nearly zero - you are calm for the safety of the cargo.

There is the absence of shipping delays and regular departure of ships at the navigation period - we dispatch the cargo within the shortest possible time.

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