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Автомобильные перевозки ИнтелТрансКом 

  Nowadays in Russia it is still impossible to talk about the dominant position of road transport in the whole structure of the transport system of the Russian Federation. But it is impossible to imagine our life without it. Whereon there is a need to ensure the final stage of delivery from rail or maritime transport, or to deliver more quickly at short distances, or where other modes of transport do not reach, motor transport comes to the rescue.

Container transportation by road

 INTELTRANSKOM-DV company owns containerships, both in the Far East and in the central part of Russia. This circumstance allows us to significantly reduce the cost, trying to increase the popularity of road transport throughout Russia. We have our own fleet vehicles that help us to avoid a shortage of vehicles during the peak season of trucking. Using our own vehicles fleet we do not transfer personal responsibility for the safety and quality of the cargo to the third parties.

INTELTRANSKOM-DV company  is ready to offer the following complex of services for the accreditation and export of containers:

  •         registration the containers receiving - as quickly as possible, avoiding downtime at the destination station;
  •         carrying out the complete, surface inspection of the container and reconciling the locking and sealing devices before removal from the station;
  •        if the client can not accept the goods in the warehouse – it can be moved to the rear terminal in order to avoid the increased storage;
  •        to decrease in idle time of vehicles for unloading is personal for you;
  •        our company presently offers the LTL delivery that allows to further optimize the cost.

         Transportation by heavy trucks

         Having a large base of partners and knowing the traffic schedules for transportation by trucks on the territory of the Russian Federation, China, Europe, we are ready:

  •        to supply the required number of vehicles for loading at the appropriate times;
  •        to bear the personal responsibility for the safety of your cargo;
  •         to control the time and quality of delivery of the goods;
  •         to combine auto-transportation with other means of transport.


       This type of transportation has many advantages


        Universality. The modern cars can carry almost any types of cargo, including dangerous and oversized.

        The possibility of door-to-door delivery. This is the most mobile type of transportation, because the motor roads are almost everywhere.

     The cost. This type of transportation is the most optimal option for those who plan to transport a small cargo.

In the case of road transportation, the possibility of sending the goods on the day of application is very high.   All cars are equipped with navigation aids. We get the information about the actual location of the cargo.    Automobile transport unlike any of the other types of transport reduces the possibility of delaying the deadlines.

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