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Железнодорожные перевозки ИнтелТрансКом

The main part of the territory of both Russia and many other countries, is interwoven with a network of railways. This type of transport allows serving many purposes of plotting the schemes for the goods delivery and holds in Russia the leading position among the whole transport system of the country. The length of railways in Russia is more than 86 thousand km.

Russia ranks third in the world for the volume of transportation of goods by railway transport (after the US and China). Railroad transport among all other means of transport is more suitable for mass transportation. The work on railway transport goes around the clock and does not depend on the season and weather, that is equally important for Russia with it large number of different climatic zones.

Railway container transportations

This type of transport in our company is one of the developed. The experience of INTELTRANSKOM-DV  in rail container transportations is great enough. Either by the type of cargo transported, and by the geography of cargo transportation on the network of Russian Railways. At present time there is no cargo that we could not transport.

Availability of running contracts with Russian Railways OJSC, TransContainer PJSC, as well as a number of other terminals, allows us:

  •             to deliver your cargo within the time you specified if necessary;
  •             to minimize delivery costs;
  •             to keep your cargo in good condition;
  •             to provide the storage of cargo with the least cost in a container, rather than in a warehouse;
  •             to unpack the container at your request for delivery  the goods by another mean of transport absolutely at any point of destination.

Railway wagon transportations

It is important to understand and to know that the rating of railway transportation depends not only on the distance, but also on the class of cargo. It can be either covered wagons or gondola cars, both fitting platforms, and general-purpose wagons for transportation the special vehicles.

As a transport company proceeding from the interests of the client and taking into account the technical characteristics of the cargo and also trying to minimize your costs, we are ready:

  •      to find the necessary rolling stock;
  •      to provide with the sketches and schemes for securing the cargo;
  •      to provide with a temporary platform or warehouses for cargo storage;
  •      to provide with the necessary handling equipment and personnel;
  •      to see the correctness of registration of transportation documents and transferring the cargo from the routes to the carrier.


Advantages of railway transportation



Monitoring systems control the train running and the condition of the cargo in it. All the wagons are sealed. Transportation cost is low. The low prices are due to the large capacity.

High lifting capacity. The capacity of one wagon is several times higher than the capacity of car trucks.


      Universality of railway transportations. A variety of types of wagons: covered, open, gondolas, tank wagon, platforms.

 The regularity and freedom from the weather disasters. Prompt delivery whatever the weather conditions.

 The possibility of using specialized rolling stock for transportation the bulk goods.

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