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Freight forwarding is a package for cargo escorting during transportation, including its documentation. Professional forwarding consists of permanent cargo escorting from door to door and continuous monitoring of carrying process itself for preventing mistakes.

Forwarding agent is a representative of company which carried out transportation itself, this person takes responsibility for cargo preparation, drawing up all necessary documents, and he controls cargo packing and marking, its transportation. During road transportation, mainly a driver takes on the role of forwarding agent; he gets through full instruction and knows all aspects of work with this type of cargo.

Forwarding service shall simplify transport logistics for client. Indeed, freight forwarding by professionals is significantly advantageous for customer. It saves time and money that could be spent for solving unusual problems for customer.

Main responsibilities for professional forwarding agent are:

  • drawing up all necessary documents for transportation;
  • control over warehouse service and storage conditions support;
  • supervision over preparation and packing/marking actions;
  • control over loading and unloading to/from selected transport;
  • creation of transportation route, convenient for client;
  • protection of carried cargo;
  • participation in customs clearance;
  • continuous monitoring of quality of cargo and conditions of its carrying;
  • continuous escorted cargo location update for client;
  • solving of any problem arising during transportation from ordering customer to addressee.

Relying on professional forwarding agent, client gets:



Time and energy saving. Professional forwarding agent will solve abnormal situations much faster than client itself.

Money saving. Professional forwarding agent can easily find optimal route and transport.

Potential risks reduction. High level of freight forwarding organization carries control over all preparation stages, goods dispatch and delivery.

Tranquility for safety of transported dangerous and highly valued cargoes. Professional forwarding agent is fully responsible for safety of any cargo.




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