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Who we are?

Our company takes its origins from the ITK, the Group of Companies, with its head office in Volgograd city. Primarily in the Far East region the representative office-branch of  ITK LLC company was established (worked from December 2013 to September 2015). Beginning in September 2015, the representative office became a fully separate legal entity with a separate internal structure, authorized capital and working assets. We still stay in the group of ITK companies, observing the principles of reducing the cost and safety of service quality for consumers of our services for each other.

Our logo is a whale that carries the Earth on its back. This symbolizes the fact that we are ready to transport the goods in any direction. We have enough strength for qualitative performance of any kind of transportation.

Why are we called “INTELTRANSKOM-DV”?

Yes, our company might be young enough. But “ INTELTRANSKOM –DV” sets itself the ambitious tasks to expand the branch network and to provide forwarding services not only in the Far East or Volgograd, but also in all large cities of the Russian Federation. We hope that our clients and partners will be able to simplify the interaction with us, having had the opportunity to communicate in one time zone with our representative offices in the near future.

Why do we need a website?

While developing the website, we tried our best to show our openness and readiness for dialogue. It is very important for us to see and hear your comments and wishes on time. “INTELTRANSKOM-DV” is always ready to react quickly to all comments and suggestions made. The main goal of our company's work in the past and present, and well into the future is the maximum cost reduction of cargo delivery of our customers and partners with the maximum reception of service quality. And even if today we have a short history, as a separate organization, our employees in whole and individually,  have a great experience in providing transport services for the transportation of various cargoes by different means of transport.

Our specialists will be glad to help you, offer the most profitable way of cargo delivery, answer all the questions you are interested in, and they will do all they can to make you satisfied with the cooperation with us. We value our customers, their time and money!


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